A Guide To Finding The Best Brisbane House Builders


At AKS Homes we pride ourselves in our partnering approach to your building experience. We want you to consider us as friends you can rely on, and we want you to feel confident that we are Brisbane home builders who have everything covered from A to Z.

But how will you know that . . . how would you know the truth about any builder, without being blinded by marketing razzle dazzle? Here are a few tips and techniques that will help you get to the nitty-gritty of sorting the good builders from the bad.

The first order of business will be to check out our Brisbane home builders Design and Estimation Process


Often this can involve a bit of to-ing and fro-ing as you try to tailor the project and make value judgments that will produce the best possible outcome for you.

Is the builder helpful during this process? They should be willing, and able, to accommodate the multiple modifications and estimates you would typically need without making unreasonable demands for you to commit funds without any basic knowledge of the value or form the Home building project will take?

At AKS Homes ALL preliminary design and estimating services are free. It is only after design and budget are completely settled that you will be asked to commit funds to progress the project further.  We will commit our time and effort in your project to compliment the time and effort invested by you.

RH Front ElevationBuilding Costs, Estimates and Specifications.

All paperwork, from the initial concept sketches and proposals must be professionally prepared and presented.

Far too often, owners have to settle for cut-and-paste, patched together proposals of previous homes a builder has built.

Worse, cut-and-paste modifications of a ‘standard’ design simply because the builder lacks the skill-set, or resources to hire professional staff.

Instead of then referring the client to professional to ink out a suitable design, other Brisbane home builders resort to doing it themselves in an attempt to hang onto their intellectual property and prevent you from seeking an alternative builder for the design.

At AKS Homes, we recognize that a quality product will only result from quality design. Quality design results from collaboration between Builder, Designer and Owner.

Everyone invests time and energy in the process, and we recognize that it would be an injustice to prevent owners from then using the resulting output, should the negotiations between us not be fruitful.

We guarantee our service, and should you not be 100% satisfied, you can walk away without losing any of the collaborative output generated.

With AKS Homes Brisbane Home Builders You Get What You Pay For and Only Pay For What You Get.

There have a proliferation, in recent times, of fantastic “Free” offers. While we all would like something for nothing, the adult in us should make us realize that there is no such a thing as something for free.

We all know that; but are really responding to the idea of ‘a Good Deal’. The Good Deal is generated by slipping the cost of the ‘Free Things’ into the overall cost. It makes the package so much more attractive.

Would it not be better, to get the ultimate best deal without all the ‘free stuff’ talk? Why should we only get a good deal when we take something we may not have truly preferred, given the choice, over something else?

At AKS Homes, we dedicate ourselves to being Brisbane home builders who provide you with the best possible price – every time. You will always feel that you got more than you paid for.

Choosing the right new home builder is more than just selecting from a glossy catalogue of standard designs, or some model display home. No matter what your needs, discover the wonders of an AKS Home Building Experience.

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