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While many towns & cities claim unique characteristics that set them apart, building in Brisbane has always been an exciting experience. We challenge ourselves to innovate, and create invigorating lifestyle outcomes.This desire to step out of the ordinary, and the dazzling array of optional design styles and emerging building lots, makes building in Brisbane the choice to suit every taste; from

  • dwelling units in apartment complexes, to
  • spacious homes on higher density inner city allotments, to
  • traditional homes on larger allotments in the suburbs,
  • to the sprawling mansions on multi-acre master planned residential acreage developments and country districts that dot the Brisbane urban landscape.

Building in Brisbane is the popular choice; and for good reason.

Having made the choice, and decided to build in Brisbane, we at AKS Homes strive to provide you with a one-stop shop to stretch your options, and bring your dreams to fruition.

With our flexible approach, and a wide selection of custom finishes available, our interactive approach ensures you will quickly find everything you are looking for; fast and convenient custom sketches, combined with informative quick quotes, and a genuine catalogue style approach to inclusions and specifications.

It is a refreshing alternative to the staid ‘a-couple-of-sizes-fits-all’ processes of blow-in pretenders to the ‘building in Brisbane’ mantle. Plug in to true local knowledge, born and bred, and be part of the continuum that is the building in Brisbane Experience.

Let’s talk about a few of our favorite things here at AKS Homes.

  • We love it when we enable people to live like they have never lived before.
  • We strive to be innovative, because even the best traditions need an update, and if you are building in Brisbane, it means that you are on the cutting edge.
  • We appreciate the demands of our Building Clients, and recognize their role in forcing improvement, and preventing the natural tendency to settle for things as they are.
  • We insist on flexibility AND affordability. We want to give you more value for money, and our no-nonsense prices are a reflection of our processes, and tend to improve on quick quote estimates; which creates and maintains a finely trimmed costs structure.
  • Our homes are made using Building in Brisbane methods; wherein no attention to detail has been spared; and it is perfectly created – just for you.

If you build in Brisbane, virtually any design can be created for you. With you in mind what AKS Homes creates will be exclusively yours, and irresistibly priced.

One of our best kept secrets is the ease with which we put it all together; how quickly your ideas are given form, the easy way information is communicated, and the multiple-meetings-free give and take of ideas.

We generously give of our design expertise to help streamline the project till it is perfect – providing visual images and videos to facilitate choice.

More importantly, this exciting integrated approach adds a new dimension to building your new home. You have the ability to monitor and interact directly in the construction process itself; broadcasting your views directly to all team members in real time – ensuring the maintenance of a consistent 5 star quality finish.

It’s innovative, and it’s original.

Take the next step. Call Mark TODAY 0487 378 707 or use our handy contact form. For cost-effective, quality customized solutions, the building in Brisbane experience is the answer you’ve been looking for.

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