Custom Designed And Affordable Narrow Lot Homes Are Now Easier Than Ever To Get

Narrow lot homes can mean your major life dream of owning a home that is irresistibly priced, yours exclusively, and perfectly designed . . . is now completely possible.

Add in a competent builder like AKS Homes that you have been referred to on the basis of their stellar reputation, and it is like you have won the lottery.

House Plans For Narrow Lot Homes That Work Very Well

narrow lot homes

Extremely attractive narrow lot homes are your for the asking at AKS Homes

Here you will find just a small portion of the immense selection we have collected.

In order to help you get some ideas, we urge you to look through them.

There are many home designs and styles that will work well on a narrow lot. Currently, homes with ultra modern facades are popular, but the traditional period character style in compliance with the Brisbane character code is a solid choice, as well. We love working in different styles when we create homes because every genre has its own special appeal.

Pinterest Is Recommended For Browsing

If you haven’t yet done so, set up a free Pinterest account and start collecting images. Saving images to your Pinterest folder is simple. All you have to do is click the button.

Once your images from all over the web are in on your Pinterest page, they can be shared with others. This is a great technique to use when you are in the idea collection stage. Plus, it’s easy to grade and sort what you find when it is all in one place. We will use the Pinterest boards that you create to understand your tastes and preferences. This step will help us deliver a more satisfying design for your home and enhance the building experience.

There is no point to going through the trouble of building a brand new home if you aren’t going to make it uniquely your own.

Floor Plans For Small Lot Houses

narrow lot homes

Clever design gets you the most from narrow lot homes at AKS Homes

Here is what you will see in our collection:

  • Narrow Lot Homes Plans in compliance with the 2014 Town Plan of the Brisbane City Council
  • Housing designs with an upstairs main living area and decks either in the rear or front.
  • Small lot split level house plans.
  • Narrow Lot Homes Plans for both Single and Double Story
  • House plans for small lots that are wider than 10 M.
  • Rectangle or Square shaped homes for subdivided corner small lots.
  • Plus many more…

We Handle The Hardest Parts Of The Job

We want to help you achieve your dream home at AKS Homes and we use a simplified and speedy approach to help you attain it.

We provide visually detailed home design choices at no cost and take the time to listen to you. This information is integrated into building price estimates that are highly accurate and prepared by our experienced builders who frequently work with narrow lot home plans.

However, there is more than this…

As You Design, You Can Track Your Cost

Each project is continuously and fully priced from the moment it starts so you will never have to worry about extra charges once construction is underway. These home designs are tailored to give you more for your money and fit your budget exactly.

Our job is to stretch your budget as far as we can and save you both money and time. Our goal is to deliver real luxury at everyday prices. If you don’t have to pay more, why would you want to? It is possible to create narrow lot homes on a lot that slopes and still easily come in under the standard building height.

A Brisbane Narrow Lot Homes Mean Location

It is a liberating experience to live on a small Brisbane block. Real estate professionals might be crying, ‘Location, location, location,’ but narrow lot home owners know that ‘Convenience, Service, and Savings’ go a lot further. This spirit of innovation is captured in our narrow lot homes plans. It opens up a whole new way of living!

The Lifestyle Choice Of Small or Narrow Lot Homes

Why wouldn’t you want to live in a comfortable house in a convenient location instead of spending hours on a long daily commute?

Being closer to the action means you have more time for living. People who wanted more leisure time and fewer complications are the reason that Narrow Lot Homes are becoming more popular.

The winning combination of a great location in a well-designed home is getting big raves. It’s easy to see why the lifestyle is so popular when you look through the large number of narrow lot house plans in our extensive collection.

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