Custom House Builder – Custom House Design: What you should know

As a custom house builder, AKS Homes has come across many custom home design layouts, and we have developed a short list of critical areas that need your proper consideration when custom designing your home.

1. Custom House Builder and Designer Team

When you are having a custom home design, let your designer do their job. Most home designers want nothing more than to give you what you want. However, you have to be conscious that your self-prepared sketch and house design brief, is merely a pictorial wish list, not a proper design. Working with a builder as a team gives the design project a dynamism that’s hard to beat. A good Custom House Builder and Designer team will separate the technical issues from your desires as expressed in your sketch and home design brief. It is only after the House designer has a grasp of the intent of your drawing that they will proceed to give form to it in a technically efficient manner. The correct flow of the rooms and with them in proper proportion is vital. It is a practiced skill to achieve proper balance between the living zones in a space efficient manner.

The designer should inject flexibility into the process. In the event the design brief is seriously misjudged, which sometime happens, it is your task, as the owner, to direct the custom home design process along the right track. Working from the prepared sketch house plans and utilising the skills of the designer, you can quickly rectify a misunderstood home design brief. Your collaboration in this manner should make a huge difference to the finished home.

2. Kitchen

The focal point of a home is the kitchen. The kitchen ties the custom home design together, which means that its overall placement within the floor layout is critical.  As the hub, it should link directly with; the informal living area; Media Room, Alfresco or covered Patio, and meals area. Having the Kitchen in close proximity to the Garage entrance is also smart idea.

Kitchen Layout for Moller Cumtom House Design

Make sure you have enough bench space surrounding the main food preparation area.

Once the location is settled; care should be taken about the kitchen layout. Make sure you have enough bench space surrounding the main food preparation area. Check that the relationship between the cooker, sink, fridge & pantry is convenient, and will keep the food preparation process flowing. Be aware of the hand (Opening direction of doors) to the fridge and Pantry – ensure that the allow access in the direction of the natural movement dictated by the food preparation process. Tweaking these details is and having the flexibility to do so, is a major benefit of working through a custom home builder,

3. Ensuite Design

Because we more often than not strive to please others in our work; customers, bosses, and colleagues, it is a blessing when the opportunity to pamper ourselves presents itself when we build a new home. Don’t miss out by skimping your most personal part of the home – the Ensuite design.  Because it is a relatively small space, it is almost always possible, unless budget constraints are too tight to allow the tiniest luxury, to splurge a little in the ensuite design, without breaking the bank.

Relatively simple home upgrades you can consider are floor-to-ceiling tiles; designer double vanities, and double shower heads. Any good Custom Home Builder would have these as a standard option. If you can extend yourself just that bit more, feature floor wastes and designer shower heads are also a good investment.

4. The Alfresco, Covered Patio, & Other Outdoor Living Areas

covered outdoor living area

Always include covered open outdoor living Areas in the form of a covered Alfresco, Sala Pavilion or Patio

Always include covered open outdoor living Areas in the form of a covered Alfresco, Sala Pavilion or Patio. Make them comfortable and as large as the design and budget will allow. Studies have shown that this is one of the most frequently used areas in a home after the Media/TV room. If at all possible, design this space as if you would any internal room of the home.

At AKS Homes, we cannot remember the last time we built a home without a covered external living area. No self-respecting Custom Home Builder would exclude a sizable outdoor living area in any product for a custom home design customer, as they function as a convenient gathering place for friends and family.

5. New Home Interior Design

While most builders employ staff to help with your colour selection, it is often the case that they are not qualified specialist interior designers. Their real task is to assist you in collating your design fixtures and colour selections, so that the building process can proceed without disruption.

A good, qualified interior designer will ensure you’re getting a great finish to your home, and will make it look great. People WILL notice the difference.

If the cost of employing a dedicated Interior Designer to help with your home is too prohibitive, there are excellent DIY Interior and Exterior Design courses that run weekly over several weeks. It is definitely an excellent and cost-effective way to go.