Customer Reviews

Custom Home Design and Build with a Brisbane Builder

As One Satisfied Customer Told Us …

“It was hard to custom home design a build with and Brisbane builder until we met you. You …”
  • came up with the best custom home design to suit our budget
  • did not waste time & money on the process
  • are reliable and reputable
  • And understood that we were not ready to commit until we had all the information

Turned our ideas into Reality

We were able to turn our ideas into a concept that we were really impressed with on paper, and it presents well. And then the next challenge was to find a builder that could accomplish that within the budget we had set. And certainly, it is not just the price, you have to have a level of confidence in the builder.

  • That they are genuine, and
  • that they are sincere,
  • That they have a proven track record, and
  • That they are able to deliver on their promises.

I guess that is why we ended up with Tony, and AKS Homes. Alex & Mimi, Yeronga

Happy With Their Result!

Hi I’m Graham, and this is Amy. We have just finished our new house.

  • We couldn’t be happier with the process – the online project management. The whole thing was great all the way through.
  • Amy: “We’re so happy with the result. The process we found so easy .. from design all the way to practical completion … and using the online management tool.”

Flexibility at a Better Price

  • Talking to other builders and companies, we did speak to a couple of others, but they just weren’t as flexible and … flexibility was what we wanted.
  • The contract was fixed from the start, it didn’t go over that, it was within our budget … it was more than competitive
  • We actually got more included, at a better price than the display home builders and project builders.We actually got more included.

Bigger house, better inclusions, at a better price than all of them.

All the Work Was Fantastic!

The Experience was pretty good … fantastic really, because from go-to-whoa I didn’t have to worry too much. It was great. Thanks Guys!

  • I found that the process, and all the work they did before was fantastic because I knew exactly what colour this was going to be, and exactly where things were going to be.
  • That was all organised before building even began.

It wasn’t a case of having to do everything in a heck of a hurry!