Finding Great New Custom Home Design Ideas

Need New Custom Home Design Ideas? Drop the Baggage

A straightjacket we all need to remove, as we search for new Custom home design ideas, is the mindset that standard house plans are the best route to better house design and lower costs. It never has been true, and is simply an impression left over from the pre-digital age.


Custom Designing Allows You to Build for You Land

Standard House Plans were originally introduced as a major marketing tool in the early 1980’s.

The aim was to make things simpler and easier for Home Buyers in an era when originating new home design, and its presentation as sales and marketing material, was a complex and time-consuming task for builders.

Standard Home Plans Time Has Passed.

Custom Home Design Is Here To Stay.

Cut & Paste House Design

You Deserve More Than Crude Cut & Paste Design

This is no longer the case; developments in Computer design software have removed the complexity. The expense of Custom Homes Design is now a fraction of what it used to be. Standard Home Plans were originally an improvement on the simple facade variations of a single floorplan built up and down our streets before the 1980’s. These became a standard range of floorplans during the standard home design era. Now, the fully flexible home design offered by custom homes builders is to the new normal.

It rare to find any standard home plan that has not been substantially modified. In effect they are Custom Home plans. However, many are cut & paste modifications of standard plans. As new home Salespeople try to accommodate the demand for custom home design, they often resort to liquid paper, sticky tape, and the photocopier.

A lack of desire, effort, and training is the only possible reason these crude cut & paste designs still proliferate. You no longer have to put up with substandard quality and service in your search for New Home Design Ideas, and nor should such basic services cost an arm & a leg. At AKS Homes, custom design is our staple, and we go to great lengths to ensure you will get the basic design services you need to make informed decisions. For us, it is not a cost centre, but a core marketing activity, absolutely necessary for our business.

Technology Makes Custom Home Design Easy and the New Standard.

Because most builders, suppliers and tradesmen now all have highly efficient computerized systems, determining the costs of building any design quickly and with great accuracy is commonplace. What did take weeks before, is usually available to you in less time than it takes to produce the extremely unreliable ‘preliminary cost estimates’ that are trotted out to prospective customers every week by large project home builder’s salespeople.

This allows us to provide you with accurate pricing information as we develop the Custom Home Design. Our customers have found that integrating  custom design with pricing information to be an invaluable service.  We are more than happy to provide this service as it hones our quoting processes and makes us even more competitive.

Standard Plans can be a Trap.

Standard designs are pushed onto the market because House Building Sales Consultants are often not sufficiently trained to provide costs for homes that deviate from the standard.

The unfortunate result is that many new home owners settle for crude home design modifications, and whose costs are an equally rough calculation. That is the best they can manage without some sort of payment. It is only after this payment is received that any serious work is done. This is a disadvantage to you as it removes any benefit the standard design was supposed to afford you.

By the time proper working drawings have been prepared, the owners are closed-in by the process and find it difficult to back out because too much time, effort, and money has been invested. It is a sad indictment on our industry if all we been able to  afford our valuable customers are the most rudimentary preliminary design services.

Disadvantages of standard Home Plans are:

  • A plan is selected because clients like the look of it on display without giving any consideration as to whether is suitable for their land
  • The plan is usually modified in a manner that works counter to the intentions of the designer, sometimes negating its elementary appeal.
  • The pricing is based on a standard that is usually stripped of specific context. So many factors can affect the price, that this standard price is virtually meaningless.
  • Making modifications to the design has a fundamental effect on costs that is hard to estimate with accuracy. The only way the sales staff can estimate confidently is to overcharge for variations.

You deserve better.  Would you use a House Builder that employed incompetent carpenters? Why then use a House Builder that insists you use Standard Designs because they employed untrained Sales Staff?