House and Land Packages Brisbane People Can’t Get Enough!

Buying House and Land Packages Brisbane people respect can be an affordable, and great way to find a home when you don’t want the hard work of building a home.

AKS Homes House and Land Packages Brisbane People Enjoy

house and land packages Brisbane

Our house and land packages come in various combos, each of which provides a distinct advantage – and the benefits range from windfall bonus inclusions to facilitated finance to managed investor packages.

To understand the variants, it is a good idea to think of choosing your new home from house and land packages Brisbane home buyers trust as simply a convenient way to buy a new house on a vacant block of land, with the emphasis on vacant block of land. Many people get confused, and understand it as being a prebuilt new home, which is a related concept, but something entirely different.

So let’s spend a little time going over the various house and land package combos:

Freestyle House and Land Packages – This is the traditional way someone would usually build a new home. They would start off by purchasing a vacant Block of land somewhere; and then embark on a quest to find the perfect home for them. The process of finding a design, modifying it to be as you want it, determining the quality of the inclusions and negotiating an acceptable price constitutes the essence of Assembling a House & Land Package. All the basic elements are there, Design, Location, Quality and Cost. What distinguishes this method from the others is that every decision and choice is made by the owner.

Pre-Packaged Free-Form House and Land Packages – If you come across a package that says “FROM”, it usually means that a possible combo has been indentified on a Vacant Block of land, or one of several Vacant Blocks of land. Because the is no absolute commitment by anyone to sell, buy, or underwrite construction of that package, a sample package is assembled on one to advertise the fact that a home could be built on the land (Usually the most economical possible package). Because the packages are being assembled by Builders, flexibility is inbuilt into the package, Most elements of the package can be modified. You can change the House Layout, the level of inclusions, and even the specific Block if you so choose. You are essentially assembling a freestyle package with a lot of help, and within carefully pre-determined criteria.

Pre-spec’d House and Land Packages – These packages occur when a Builder commits to purchasing a block of Land from a developer on extended terms (Builder’s Terms). This usually means that the builder could commence building and settle on the land after construction has been completed. Often the Package would be advertised as a House & Land Package” during the prelim stage – while plans, prelim engineering and council approval is being sought. If it is sold during this period, savings can be had on the intended price because the builder no longer needs to pay stamp duty on the land, and you do not need t5o subsequently pay stamp duty on the entire package. Usually only one set of stamp duty becomes payable. The requirement for the builder to pay holding cost on the property also disappears.

Dedicated House and Land Packages – Sometimes Builder’s develop small subdivisions, or purchase whole stages of smaller subdivisions using a finance facility called put and call options. This essentially means that they underwrite the sale of the land to end users, generally to facilitate the marketing of their homes. What it means is that they guarantee that the land will be sold for a pre-determined price or the will by the block themselves.

Spec Homes – This happens when a builder prefers to pre-build homes before selling them as real Estate via Real Estate Agents. Often Builders will do this because it is easier to build homes without having to be contracted to an involved client.. Because the homes are then ready to move into, the target market is expanded to include those who will not consider building a home for themselves.

The various combinations of House and Land Packages have different benefits, and the one you chose depends on individual requirements.

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