Unique And High-Quality Sloping Block House Designs

Some Of Brisbane’s Best Housing Locations Require Sloping Block House Designs

Now Is The Time To Get Unique Home Plans For Great Prices

Throughout the Brisbane suburbs, some of the best pieces of property on the market have a significant slope, requiring sloping block house designs.


In a lot of cases, some basic cut and fill work is sufficient to make these sites ready for building. A little inventive landscaping will take care of the rest.

There are other sloping sites out there, though, that call for a lot more creative thinking if their challenging conditions are going to be overcome.

Tackling Steep Sites Creatively

Sadly, marketing has been the driving force in the local housing market for too long. Homeowners and builders alike have been told that there’s just one  right answer to a sloping lot. The problem with the ‘one size fits all’ approach is that it doesn’t even come close to truly fitting all — and when it doesn’t ‘fit,’ things get very expensive for the owner very fast!

We’ve put together a collection of sloping block house designs for sloping lots that should demonstrate clearly why a more open-minded approach is required for building on sites that have steep slopes. These are not just creative solutions; they’re also cost-effective ones.

Running with the herd can be more expensive than you think; a little innovation may actually save you money.

Combining Skilled Building With Innovative Design To Tackle Sloping Lots

In our experience, the best way to design a quality home on a sloping site is to approach the design holistically. That means starting with a comprehensive end goal in mind and designing towards it. When each part of the design — the style, the floor layout, the building methods — is motivated by the same drive, the end results are both appealing and affordable. A home designed in this manner can actually celebrate the unique aspects of a property rather than try to hide them, creating a positive asset out of a condition that some would consider a drawback.

Keep Costs Under Control During The Design Process

Realistically, financial matters are always a pressing concern when you’re designing a home. Wouldn’t it make sense to look at each decision you make from a financial standpoint as well as a aesthetic one? That would make it a lot easier to separate the essentials from the overpriced extras, wouldn’t it? Add an extra room without breaking your budget or place a larger deck because the cost is affordable — the possibilities become almost endless.

We can take the hidden ‘extra’ costs out of the home design process because we allow you to price your home right from the beginning. By staying within your budget at all times, we ensure you get as much for your money as possible.

Our role in the design process is simply to guide you towards the best possible outcome and help you achieve as many of your goals as possible. We provide the benefits of our experience to provide guidance without restraining you in any way.

At Last, A Process For Designing Sloping Lot Homes That Works

Our main interest has always been in designing unique homes for unique sites. When we assembled this collection of house plans for sloping lots, we didn’t think of it as a ‘pattern book.’ Roughly 80 percent of the homes we design are custom jobs, and a majority of them feature sites with steep slopes.

Think of this collection as a creative spur. It’s meant to inspire and start a conversation about how to solve sloping lot problems. We hope that many of the homeowners who look through this collection will be inspired to create personalised homes that truly reflect their needs and desires.

Free Pricing, Free Customization

As you take the first steps along the journey to building a new home, we want to be right next you. We want to equip with all the tools you’ll need to explore your ideas, articulate your desires, and discover how they can be made into reality. Downloading our collection is a great first step. You’ll get not just the plans but also access to several completely free tools that can help you move further down the path to a customised home of your own.

The contents of the collection include:

  • Home plans for sloping lots that fall away abruptly from the road
  • Split-level house plans on both small / narrow blocks and larger acreages
  • ‘Clinging’ homes designed for hillside construction
  • Traditional homes built in the ‘highset’ style with post and bearing construction
  • House designs for irregular, steep blocks
  • Much, much more!

Let Us Handle The Tough Parts

We know from experience that designing a home can be a tricky and time-consuming process. We do everything we can to simplify and streamline that process for you. We listen to your ideas and help you make the important choices by providing you with easy-to-grasp visual design options at no extra cost. These come with accurate pricing estimates that are based on real-world sloping lot building experience.

This Isn’t All You Get . . . We Keep Your Budget Front And Centre!

Our clients don’t have to worry about runaway costs during the design process. We have the tools to price your home as accurately right from the beginning, allowing you to stay within your budget at all times.

We consider our most important goals to be getting you as much as you can get for your money and delivering luxurious results, quickly and affordably. Why pay more than you have to for the features you want?

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