It is most often the case that people looking for a Brisbane builder, often are really looking for a home design – the Home Builder is an accessory because they are attached to the design in some form. We can’t easily think of a process that makes less sense. Why would anybody pick a builder on the basis of an affiliation to a particular home design?

At AKS, we strive to get you to choose us because we represent the most likely path to a superior home building outcome in every respect. We want to represent everything you’ve ever wanted from a home builder.

We have tons of plans, but you won’t find any on the website. That’s because we don’t want you to settle for someone else’s home building experience. We want yours to be in a class of its own.

You to tell us what you want, and let us tell you what we can do to make that a reality.

Coming up with the right plan is our job; and not that hard for us to do. What we find difficult, is to presuppose what you wanted and have it ready before we ever knew you existed.

We are not that kind of home builder.

Many Brisbane builders use a focus on Special Packages as the primary advertising tool. All our homes are special packages, and all our special packages are uniquely yours.

If every ‘special package’ were the same, then they aren’t ‘special packages’, they are just ordinary packages.

As Brisbane builders, we strive to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. We know you want the best price; we get that. We just don’t want to give you something ‘special’ that you may not have wanted in the first place. We want to provide everything you want, at a special price.

That is a very powerful reason for you to talk to us. But it isn’t the only thing that makes us an exciting Home Builder.

Because building a home is a process, we have developed innovative processes that allow the owner to remain involved, and to control their creative vision, directly harnessing our expertise and meticulous commitment to our craft.

Now there’s a novel idea!

A new home builder that actually acknowledges the importance of the owner’s personal stamp in the home building process, elevating the partnership to more than just a contractor-financier relationship.

Most importantly, our homes are flawlessly crafted. Built to last, the outcome belies the speedy and simplified approach to planning our experienced professional staff brings to the entire home building experience. Their dedicated proactive approach makes the job a headache-free breeze.

Choosing the right Brisbane builder is more than just selecting from a glossy catalogue of standard designs, or model display home. No matter what your needs; discover the wonders of an AKS Home Building Experience.